Monday, 20 October 2014


This is just a brief update of what I've been up to since the last post.  Not a lot. I've just about finished the digging now and can leave the wind and weather to do its thing over the winter.  Some time this week I am going to give the asparagus bed a good mulching of compost/manure - just putting it round the plants to feed them and give them a bit of moisture retention.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are now finished too. I've dug up the exhausted plants and put them on the compost heap, and I've fed the greenhouse soil bed with compost mixture from the heap.

Another job I have done is pick the pears from our young tree. I've not allowed it to set too much fruit this year because it's still a baby really, but we'll have a few juicy moments from what we do have. They are still a little bit hard, but if I had left them any longer, they would have been falling on the ground and bruising. I've just covered them in a dark place and I'll check them every couple of days to see how they are ripening, for buying fruit trees I can highly recommend this company.    They are ready to give good advice, and their products are excellent. We bought several fruit trees from them and they have all performed really well.

Picked and about to be stored in the dark until fully ripe.

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